Cristina Ayala

Cristina Ayala
Cristina Ayala

Lady poet from Güines born on July 24, 1856. Her true name was Maria Cristina Fragas. Fragas because her master was named Fragas and she was a freed woman. Her mother was named Juana, a Creole and of unknown father.

She married Cecilio Larrondo on March 27, 1912 and died in Gü;ines on April 20, 1936 at almost 80 years of age.

In the foreword of her book Ofrendas Mayabequinas (Mayabeque Offerings) published in 1927 which gathers in its pages the ample poetic production of this inspired woman, Valentin Cuesta Jimenez said: “Here he reader will see sliding the vein of a very clear spring of inspirations and aesthetic ideals: the verse of Cristina, unique muse among those of us who cultivate the supreme art of word and idea, converting it into a rare gem, with peerless beauty, in iris of peace, in an igneous crawl of a dazzling flash… art that is fire, ecstasy and elation, such as the soul is, that is the one that works and understands it.”

As an historical note, during the Republic, Güines' Town Council after the death of such illustrious Güinera resolved to name Hospital Street as Cristina Ayala Street honoring such sublime poet.

For sure the Communist system that subjugates Cuba since 1959, has changed the name of that street, assigning it a number or some other arbitrary denomination, ignoring the historic truth.(*)

(*) This street has been totally eliminated and does not exist today.

Translated by the Staff of Círculo Güinero de Los Ángeles

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