Cuba Yesterday and Today

We are hereby publishing articles and news about Cuba that we get from different sources, showing a small part of the agony the Cuban people has been going through since 1959, the injustices committed and the country's general situation. Little by little we will update them. We await for your comments and collaborations to this section. Thank you.

January 2 Nothing Has Happened Here
January 2015 The Eight Executed by Firing Squad
January 2015 The Island of Cork…
January 2014 Two Rivers (Dos Rios)
September 2013 If I Had Known…
February 21 Corruption, Reconstruction
July 3 The End of Chavez and the Cuban Government
July 18 Jobless in Cuba? Communism Faces the Unthinkable
June 10 Tourist in Cuba
May 17 Genetic Project Entitled "The Cubans"
May 16 Corruption Cuban Style
April 11 From Milk to Parapet
April 6 Cuba, End of the Game
April 4 Open Letter from Guillermo Fariñas to Raul Castro
April 2 Wall of Cane is Creaking
March 28 March Pro "Ladies In White"
Date Unknown Why Do I Feel Proud About the Republic of Cuba
March 21 History of a Dissent
March 13 Political Prisoners in Castro‘s Jails
March 3 Letter to Deceased Zapata
March 2 Black Cuban Musician in a Hunger Strike…
March 1 Public Health in the Gunsight
February 26 We Are All Guilty
December 27 Cuba: Three Generations Needlessly Sacrificed
June 15 "This Misnamed Revolution, Has Been Built Upon the Bodies of Thousands of People..."
April 29 Open Letter to Mister Raul Castro,…
October 31 Little “Torpedoes”
October 27 The Main Embargo Is That of the Regime Against Its People
Date Unknown The Returning Legion
August 19 Corrupted to Survive
December 21 Castro is Losing His Last Battle
September 7 The Cuba that Fidel Leaves Behind
February 27 Havana Today
November 3 Raul Castro’s Generals
Date Unknown Fidel Castro’s Worst Nightmare
December The Unbelievable Phenomenon of Cuba’s Transportation System
September 15 Cuba Nostra–Fidel Castro’s State Secrets
August 27 Education in Socialist Cuba
Date Unknown Marti Dead and Resurrected
Date Unknown What It Means to Be Born in Cuba Today
November Fugitive Children of Communism
Date Unknown Old Cuban Men
October 25 Forty-Something…
September 7 Letter to Fidel Castro
June Cult to Mediocrity
December 2 Indoctrination Net Traps Cuban Students
Date Unknown Would We Be Like Che?

Translated by the Staff of Círculo Güinero de Los Ángeles

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